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D M Holdings offers a full range of weed and pest spraying solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural clients. Methods include handgun spraying from truck or ATV mounted spray units, boom spraying from 4WD vehicle or quad bike, weed wiping, knapsack, mist blowing, or aquaculture spraying from our own vessel. 

We use Quikspray® remote retracting reels and Bertolini® spray pumps. Spray work can be GPS tracked with maps and track logs provided to clients, as required. Gorse and Broom is our specialty.
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Gorse and Broom are the most common pest plant on South Island farms. They take over useable land and provide excellent cover for animal pests to live in. Take control of your gorse and broom by employing the services of D M Holdings. Our qualified, experienced operators have the best equipment available with which to tackle any sized gorse/broom job.

Using one of our 4wd mounted rigs, our ATV spray rigs or knapsacks, we can access any location safely, with minimal ground impact. We choose to use Envirodye in our spray mix, so results can be visible from the time we start, and you, the client can see value for your money.
    Gorse and broom spraying services in Dunedin
    Agricultural weed control in Dunedin

    Agricultural weeds

    D M Holdings can provide solutions for other pest plants, including but not limited to:
    • Thistles
    • Blackberry
    • Buttercup
    • Fox Glove
    • Dock
    • Old Man's Beard
    • Banana Passionfruit
    • Bomarea
    • Buddleja
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      Aquatic and water way spraying

      D M Holdings can spray river weeds, river beds or banks, as well as drains or ditches for plant pests.

      We can spray willows on rivers or invasive weeds such as Glyceria Maxima from our own vessel or from vehicles on the bank.

      Drains and ditches need to be kept free from grasses and weeds to ensure water flows freely when heavy rain strikes. Contact us to arrange an onsite appraisal of your plant pest issues.
        Aquatic and water way spraying in Dunedin
        Insect spraying in Dunedin

        Insect spraying

        We can provide complete cover spraying of external surfaces to rid your premises of insects, spiders, cluster flies, borer and more.

        From small residential homes to large scale industrial buildings, our proofing solutions are both safe and effective. Using our motorised spray system, we will ensure that no nook or cranny is left untreated. The chemicals we use provide long lasting control and will not wash away with the next big downpour.

        We offer solutions for control of the following:
        • Spiders
        • Borer
        • Flies
        • Cluster flies
        • Slugs 
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