Monitoring environmental impact to preserve flora and fauna for future generations...

D M Holdings can provide a range of environmental services to government agencies, local councils and private clients alike. We have a team of nationally regarded indicator dogs for bird tracking and retrieval. In the last 15 years, we have covered over 300,000 hectares of the lower South Island conducting Ferret Surveys for Tb vector management for the Animal Health Board (now TB Free NZ).

Through the Department of Conservation, we have been involved in a pilot programme at Mason Bay, Stewart Island to eradicate possums, cats and rats and to monitor the resurgence of kiwis and other native birds to the area. For council clients, we conduct bird monitoring work to ascertain the abundance of bird life in urban areas.

Our indicator dogs have also been involved in a bird strike monitoring programme at Mahinerangi Windfarm as part of resource consent requirements. Indicator dogs were used to see if any birds had fallen victim to blade strike from the spinning turbines. Audit results showed that our dogs achieved top NZ standards and results with methodology; have been sent around the world for use in other wind farm projects. 

D M Holdings can also provide tree reports, resource management reports, pest consultancy and contract management services.
D M Holdings keep up with all industry developments in order to deliver you highly effective, low environmental impact solutions. For professional pest, tree or plant control services, simply call David today for a quote.
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Sustainable pest control

Pests can threaten not only your home and family, but also the lives and habitats of native species. If you have a pest problem on your property, be sure to take action early before it gets out of control.

D M Holdings can offer environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest removal options for most situations.

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Environmental tree care in Dunedin
Family friendly pest control in Dunedin

Environmental tree care

If you want to keep your trees in top shape while caring for the local ecosystem, you can't go past D M Holdings. Get expert assistance with specialist tree felling, hedge work, height reduction, section clearing, tree removal, tree shaping and line clearance. We try to be environmentally conscious. Tree debris can be chipped and reused on your garden and timber is turned into firewood which you can keep. We use modern machinery which is fuel efficient & use bio-degradable oil around water ways. D M Holdings have the expertise to deal with wilding pines, which can pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of New Zealand, if left unchecked.

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Noxious weed control spraying

Generally imported to this country, noxious weeds can spoil the aesthetics of public estates and private land, as well as reducing the amount of pasture available on farms. D M Holdings can offer a range of environmental weed control options for agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial clients. We can also control aquatic weeds, which degrade habitat for native fish species and clog up water ways.

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Environmental tree care in Dunedin
Family friendly pest control in Dunedin

Native planting and restoration

From planning and land clearance to planting and ongoing care. We can design and implement a landscape plan to suit your environment and personal taste. There are many benefits to planting natives. Native plants, trees and shrubs help to increase air quality, attract birdlife and regenerate ecosystems. In a farm setting, natives can be used to combat erosion and to improve soil and water quality. Many farmers are choosing to fence off and plant strips, bordering water ways on their property. We can consult and advise before any work commences.
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