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D M Holdings can deal to a wide range of Pest Control issues. From small scale residential rodent jobs, to large scale government department possum eradication contracts. Using the most appropriate method for the pest at hand, giving consideration to the environment and property use, our fully qualified, experienced staff work with you, to provide a cost effective, high quality job.
Get reliable service anywhere in Balclutha, Queenstown, Milton, Clyde, Cromwell, Wanaka,  Alexandra, Roxburgh, Ranfurly, Dunedin and the lower South Island. 
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Rodent control in Dunedin

Rodent control (rats and mice)

Rodents are a nuisance around the home. They damage foodstuffs, spread disease and can damage property while making a nest. They can also cause sleepless nights due to their fossicking in roof spaces and wall cavities.

We can rid your premises of rodents using either toxic or non-toxic means. In environments where children or pets are present, we use bait stations to house any toxins. For ongoing control, we offer Rodent Control Programmes. These programmes are used by dozens of restaurants, cafes, bars, factories, industrial sites and residential homes.

  • Rodent Control Programmes involve:
  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Installation of all control methods
  • An onsite programme management folder
  • Monthly (or more frequently if required) service checks and a written report.
  • All labour, travel, toxin, bait station use and reports are included in a low monthly fixed price with NO hidden costs. 
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Bee and wasp control in Dunedin

Bees and wasps

Bees and wasps in the wrong location can endanger your family and pets. As well as building nests, which can be a fire issue, bees and especially wasps can cause harm from venomous stings which many people are allergic to. Using a fumigant powder, we can kill off the nest within 12 hours from application. Options for removal of the nest are also available.
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    Goat control in Dunedin

    Goat control

    Left unmanaged, wild goats can destroy whole forests of native bush. Using our specialist indicator dogs and experienced operators, DM Holdings can rid your property of wild goats. Our dogs are nationally regarded and have worked in many conservation areas for the Department of Conservation, biodiversity groups and private clients. Contact us to discuss your requirements.
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      Mustelid control in Dunedin

      Mustelid control

      Ferrets and stoats are unwanted pests that can cause havoc around your home. Rural property owners with chickens will undoubtedly know the problems they can cause. In the last 15 years, D M Holdings have covered over 300,000 hectares of the lower South Island conducting Ferret Trapping Surveys for Tb vector management for the Animal Health Board (now TB Free NZ). Using a range of trapping techniques we can remove these unwanted pests.
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        Bird control in Dunedin

        Bird control

        As well as being a visual and audible nuisance, pest birds can cause significant damage to your property. D M Holdings are licensed to use high strength narcotics for bird problems, but also have non-toxic options available. We can also provide options for bird proofing.
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        Spider proofing in Dunedin

        Spider proofing

        From small residential homes to large scale industrial buildings, our spider proofing solutions are both safe and effective. Using our motorised spray system, we will ensure that no nook or cranny is left untreated. The chemicals we use, provide long lasting control and will not wash away with the next big downpour. 
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        Borer, cluster fly & slug control in Dunedin

        Borer, cluster flies, slugs, etc.

        In the pest control world, the smaller the best, the harder it can be to deal with!

        Borer, cluster flies and other creepy crawlies can cause you and your family unwanted stress as well as potentially eating your home from under you! Borer at only about 1mm long can live unnoticed in the timber framing in your house for months, or even years. Silently, they eat their way through your home and leave only small indicators to show their presence. Flies, Cluster Flies, Slugs, Bugs and other insects can cause hygiene issues for adults, children and pets alike. Using a range of pest control techniques, we can remove the headache that these pests can cause! Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.
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          Rabbit eradication in Dunedin

          Rabbit eradication

          The affect rabbits have on rural land is well known, and their rate of multiplication is well documented. Best dealt with in the heart of winter when alternative food sources are scarce, D M Holdings can provide small, medium or large scale poisoning operations to reduce rabbit numbers on your property. Follow up monitoring and maintenance is essential and this is where shooting can become invaluable. D M Holdings conducts large scale rabbit eradication operations yearly and take bookings from March onwards.
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            Wild animal control services in Dunedin

            Wild game: pig, deer, thar, chamois, wallabies, wild sheep

            Whether on foot or airborne, D M Holdings have the skills and experience to ensure that your money is well spent eradicating pests from your land. Having flown, walked or driven most of the Lower South Island backcountry, we know the most cost effective way to achieve your pest eradication requirements. Results speak for themselves...!
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              Possum eradication in Dunedin

              Possum control

              Possum eradication is something we take very seriously! One possum left behind, is one too many! With a vast array of poisoning, trapping, shooting and other non-lethal techniques available, we can ensure all set targets are exceeded. With operations completed over 100,000Ha of South Island bush, you can be assured you have come to the right place for possum eradication!
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