Behind D M Holdings is a robust management system to ensure work is completed in a safe and efficient manner, exceeding contract expectations, delivered on time and on budget...

Unwanted pests and problematic trees can have serious consequences for the safety and stability of your house and land. Don't put your home or family in jeopardy! Speak to the D M Holdings team for prompt and dependable assistance and advice.

Local home owners and business owners have been relying on David for more than three decades for all of their animal and plant pest needs. You can feel confident that you will get a great result with David and team on the job. Their methods are proven, efficient and safe for kids and pets as well as the environment. Benefit from the expertise of a true professional who has been in the business for over 30 years.

David's staff are fully trained in first aid as well as chainsaw safety and tree felling and also meet the stringent NZQA Unit Standards for possum and mustelid control.
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Health and safety

D M Holdings has full Health and Safety Management systems in place. These are externally audited every 36 months against current legislation and industry best practice. D M Holdings has not had ANY serious harm incidents in all the years we have been operating.
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D M Holdings is fully insured for all work we complete. Through State Insurance, backed by I.A.G. we hold Broadform Liability cover including:
  • FOREST & RURAL FIRES $2,000,000
Although we have NEVER made a claim against these policies, clients can be assured that should the unexpected occur, full risk cover is in place.
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D M Holdings staff have gained all relevant qualifications for the industries we work in. So you know when you contact D M Holdings you can expect a QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL to tend to your job.
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Pest management

  • Controlled Substance Licence holders & Approved Handlers Certificate for Controlled Substances
  • National Certificate in Pest Management
  • National Certificate in Urban Pest Management
  • Approved Handlers Certificate for Urban Pest Management
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Tree services

  • All staff are qualified in chainsaw safety & tree felling.
  • Two full-time qualified arborists. (NC Hort – Arb)
  • F.I.T.O. Unit standards in large tree felling.
  • In-house Primary ITO Registered Trainer/Assessor
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  • Growsafe & Approved Handlers certificate for agrichemicals
  • National Certificate in Agrichemical Application
  • Registered Chemical Applicators
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  • Bachelor of Physical Education (outdoor risk management & teaching)
  • All staff are workplace first aid qualified
  • In-house Qualified workplace first aid instructor
  • Site Traffic Management Supervisors certificate (for traffic management)
  • Dangerous Goods licence endorsement
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"Thank you for an excellent job done by you, your son and the crew. The trees look very neat and well-shaped, and the clean-up was excellent. I will definitely recommend you to anyone wanting tree felling and height reduction."
- Cheryl
"Thanks for coming so quickly to deal with that damn rat!
I certainly couldn’t have sorted that without you!"
- Helen
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Terms and conditions


The Contractor
D M Holdings agrees to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner and in compliance with the specifications contained in the quotation/contract.

Insurance Cover
All work carried out by D M Holdings is covered by insurance for damage to persons or property that may result in the implementation of the contract. Through State Insurance, our policy includes:
  • FOREST & RURAL FIRES COVER: $2,000,000

Any amendments to the contract specifications and price, must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

All contracts are accepted on the basis of full payment being received on the 20th of the following month, following invoicing, unless otherwise stated. Interest may be charged on any amount owing after the due date at the rate of 2.5% per month. Any expenses, disbursements and legal costs incurred by D M Holdings in the enforcement of any rights contained in this contract shall be paid by the customer, including any reasonable solicitor’s fees or debt collection agency fees.

Any complaints which may arise from work performed under any contract arising from acceptance of the estimate or quote must be made in writing within seven (7) days from the date of the invoice.

Should any dispute arise as to the interpretation of the contract, it shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1908 and its amendments. Any decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding, upon both parties.

Expiry of Quotation
Three months after the submission of the quotation, the contractor reserves the right to withdraw and re price work, unless otherwise agreed in writing on acceptance of instructions from the owner.

Pest Control – Toxins
While all due care will be taken to ensure toxins are laid in a safe manner, D M Holdings cannot accept liability for adverse effects caused by non-target species accessing toxins once staff have left site. Rodent toxins will be put in places of least possible danger to not target species, or if not possible then bait stations will be used. Vertebrate Toxic Agents, used in rural areas will be laid in accordance with M.O.H. requirements and once laid it will be the landowner’s responsibility to ensure that non target species do not access the toxic area.

While all due care will be made to ensure spray drift does not affect sensitive areas, the client accepts that there is always a possibility of negative effects caused by spray drift and/or translocation outside of the target area.

Tree Services

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas
The trees in the contract may be protected by the local or regional authority. Where it is necessary to obtain consents from the relevant authorities, it will remain the responsibility of the tree owner, unless D M Holdings is authorised by the owners to carry out this service in the contract.

Private Covenants and Boundaries
Investigation of Private Covenants and Boundaries shall be the responsibility of the client and no liability shall be attached to the contractor for a breach of any such Covenants or Boundary. The client must obtain written permission from all tree owners prior to D M Holdings commencing work.

Overhead Powerlines
Where the overhead power lines are owned or controlled by an electricity network owner, D M Holdings shall contact and seek guidance from the owner or its authorised representative before proceeding with the work. The owner may permit D M Holdings to carry out such tree work where there is no electrical hazard risk. However, such work shall be subject to the written consent of the owner or its representative with conditions, including any safety procedures, for ensuring avoidance of any potential electrical hazards in the course of the work. Any additional cost will be amended to the quote and approved by the customer before work commences.

Underground Services
Unless a plan showing the exact location of underground pipes, wires or cables has been forwarded to us by the owner of the land (or his agent) prior to the forming of this contract, the contractor shall assume no underground services will be affected by our work. We will be assume no liability for any damage caused as a result of work performed under the contract to such pipes, wires or cables or any damage to property resulting there from. The owner of the land or his agent shall be solely liable for any such damage.

Hidden Obstructions
Quotations for tree services are based on the assumption that tress are free from metal, stone or other hidden obstructions. In the event of a tree being impossible to fell in the normal manner, the company reserves the right to re-quote accordingly.
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